iTG is a full-service Language Service Agency which is registered under

the Registrar Generals Department of Ghana in Kumasi, Ghana which

specializes in language services for different businesses. Our team

consists of educated and experienced solid professional translation

background and skills. Our agency provides translation services to clients

from: South Eastern European Countries, EU Countries and else. If you

need a quality language Services for a great price, you have reached to

the right place. We are glad to help you!


To provide high-quality language services by professional, experienced and natives on a timely basis and at reasonable rates.


Professional and competent editors thoroughly check every service to achieve the highest quality possible. We are dedicated to high quality services. No students, no rookies, no outsiders - we employ only professional and experienced language professionals with extensive knowledge of relevant businesses and terminology.

If you use Internet, you can contact us through e-mail. This is a very fast and convenient way to do business with us.

We always meet deadlines for all orders from our clients.

Our rates are the most affordable among translation agencies worldwide. We use many techniques that help us to reduce cost of services without decrease in quality. Save more on interpretation through our agency!